Our President is Kirsten Trusko. Ms. Trusko is a veteran of the financial services and benefits landscape – with experience ranging from start ups to firms founded over 100 years ago who are now disrupting traditional banking, technology, health, and benefits. Go to www.kirstentrusko.com or LinkedIn for more, including lists of industry, not-for- profit, government – Board, Advisory, and Task Force roles, 200+ speeches, writings/interviews, expert witness, regulatory, compliance, policy, cyber security & anti money laundering, marketing, media, PR, launch and into profitability and long term success.

Her pro bono passions include anti human trafficking – rallying industry leaders across several vertical markets (banking, FinTech, transportation, hospitality, telco, etc) – to come together for collaboration and use of data – forensic and predictive – to uniquely fuel the battle in this criminal industry that is 2 nd in size only to drugs. In following all privacy laws, and legal requirements – it’s been found that big data and data analytics can help to identify, capture and convict human trafficking criminals – often much higher up the food chain that without this objective evidence. Industry can legally collaborate with government and law enforcement to predict and prevent this heinous crime that is targeting our own youth in our own schools and communities. There is still MUCH work to do.