US and Global (Western)  businesses and governments are being targeted and attacked by criminals – using cyber and more traditional tools. The news is full of these stories and there are many more that never get to the news.  We also see plenty of evidence that criminal and state actors are partnering to execute increasingly complex and catastrophic attacks.  Bad actors know that US businesses tend to be very siloed, often with business leaders down the hall from each other, not sharing critical information. The siloing gets progressively worse… within industries – company to company; cross industry, and industry to government.

There are a number of organizations now driving the starts of this information sharing, so critical to proactively predict, prevent these cyber attacks on our financial, infrastructure, healthcare, and government entities. Instead of reacting and looking for the culprit(s) of the last attack, we need to do what the bad guys do – communicate and collaborate up front.  The old saying “the best defense is a good offense” rings true here, and we in the US could do so much better – to the benefit and preservation of so much we hold dear.

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