Valkyrie Advisory is a bespoke consultancy, and is part of a powerful network of former Big 6 Management Consultants, CPAs, Regulators, Law Enforcement, Academics, CEOs, CFOs, CISOs and CIOs. Through this network, we’re able to deliver Big 6 caliber staff and work, plus deep capabilities leveraging academics for research, studies, surveys, and data analytics. Add to this the access to senior executives and government leadership – and it’s a very unique construct to deliver exceptional value to our clients – at a flexibility, responsiveness, and price well below the big firms with bigger overhead.

Because we’re unencumbered by the overhead and politics of a big firm, we can listen, and deliver to our clients – in a faster, more nimble, and truly responsive manner – unique versus our larger competitors.

Qualifications of team members include CPA, PhD, MD, MBA, AMLCA, CIP, Fellow at AMIA and HFMA, professors at NYU, Texas A&M, Mt Sinai School of Medicine, and more. The president is Kirsten Trusko, click here to learn more.

We take on both commercial work, and selective pro-bono initiatives. One of the latter is anti human trafficking. On this front, we are currently helping to drive the creation of a fusion center for collaboration and information sharing across government and the financial industry – to identify, capture, and prosecute human traffickers. It’s a heinous crime and one where the financial industry can uniquely help by enabling a “follow the money” capability to more quickly and accurately get to the highest criminals in the network. If you want to learn more about these efforts, email us at….ktrusko@ircadvisory.com

Across the team, we’ve delivered 300+ industry, academic and government speeches. Keynoted 35+ times at major industry and academic events. Written 6 books, 98 articles, and have been published in the New York Times, and many trade and regional publications.

Our capabilities include: Strategy and technology consulting. Strategies for profit re-engineering, market entry, product design and launch, M&A, cyber security/fraud, Six Sigma and lean, big data analytics, and more. Payments, technology, cyber security and fraud, consumer driven healthcare, insurance, compliance.
The team has executed projects for organizations ranging from Fortune 500, to start ups, to government, academia and not-for-profits. These have included top payment networks (AMEX, Discover, MC, Visa), top 10 banks, top 10 insurance companies (P&C, Health), tier 2 financial institutions (traditional and alternative financial services), processors and program managers, government (state and federal – US and international), NGOs, not-for-profits, universities, more.

Team members have testified in Congress, in court cases, served as expert witness, and have been interviewed on television and radio.