“Become a Philanthro-Capitalist”. This has been hanging in our office since we were founded. It’s been an inspiring driver for our executive group for over a decade
Valkyrie is a management advisory firm rooted in Cause Capitalism. Our goals, in addition to driving impressive revenues, is to help drive client and colleague organizations to also become Cause Capitalists: high profit businesses, who contribute to greater good causes.
Valkyrie Is a Cause Capitalist. Both in our commercial ventures and in pro-bono leadership – and hope to drive others to do the same.. A businesses with strong purpose attracts and retains top employees. Employees who work for the pay, and the purpose – they apply their passions to drive corporate profits and seek ways to innovate to deliver at exceptional levels and delight clients. A strong, clear, positive purpose attracts and resonates with prospects, partners,and people – helping an organization to reach and sustain new heights in both profit and purpose.
Cause Capitalism works. High Purpose. High Passion. High Profit.

Disaster Preparation, Response, and Rebuild

Financial services and getting funds into the hands if those who need it most – fast, effective, fraud controlled – has too often been an afterthought in the master plans in advance of disasters. The Valkyrie team has served in public-private- partnership (PPP) discussions to start
adding this key piece – applying deep expertise and experience in e-payments, cards, payment networks/players, and serving Low/Moderate Income (LMI) and underbanked citizens. There is MUCH more work to do.

The Valkyrie team has also served as leaders across different sectors to craft a detailed architecture across 6 companies and pillars of action – to rebuild post Katrina. It includes detailed financial and staffing models, technology and funds flow, coordination with insurance and other rebuild funding sources – strongly controlled for fraud, cyber criminals, and money laundering. Had this architecture been executed in the Louisiana Road Home, the outcome would’ve been dramatically better for victims, government and the community.

Anti Human Trafficking (AHT)

It’s a heinous crime, 50% of those trafficked in the US are children. This is a crime where payments companies can play a substantial and unique role, in helping to identify and follow the money trail, often to capture and prosecute those higher in the criminal chain. This requires prudent, proactive, engaged collaboration across the financial industry and with law enforcement – cross industry, cross border, cross continent. Our team spends a great deal of pro bono resources in driving this collaboration, and in working to assure all is done within current regulatory and legal requirements. We also work locally at the grass roots level with civic groups, on developing education at the middle and high school levels, and supporting AHT plans for specific events like SuperBowl 2017, in Houston TX

Financial Inclusion

Kirsten believes that everyone should have access to the financial mainstream and to alternative financial products in order to help hard working Americans prosper. She works across industry, government, and civic organizations, championing this cause.