Home and office are in center of Harvey’s work.  Many of you have asked how to help.  We’re working with  boots-on-the-ground charities who are directly getting victims in the hardest hit areas – what they need now.  Stay tuned for more information as the days unfold as many are still under water. Our quest is to find those charities who are most efficient in helping real people – in LMI & underserved communities – to rebuild – their lives, homes, businesses.

https://attackpoverty.org . (stepping in to stop cycle of generational poverty)

Ft Bend Womens Center (for women and children victims of domestic violence). http://www.fbwc.org/.

In both – please put the word “matching” in the comments section. Both have highest ratings from GuideStar

Please email if you want more information.  ktrusko@ircadvisory.com

Thank you for your help!

(this is a major freeway not far from the office)